Mixed Reality

part…Ÿ Overview and Perspective

1 A Taxonomy of Real and Virtual World Display Integration
2 Displays for Aougmented Reality: Historical Remarks and Future Prospects
3 Virtualized Reality: Digitizing a 3D Time-Varying Event As Is and in Real Time
4 Steps Toward Seamless Mixed Reality

Part…  Registration and Rendering

5 Vision-Based Geometric Registration of Virtual and Real Worlds
6 Augmented Reality Tracking in Natural Environments
7 Stereo Vision Based Video See-through Mixed Reality
8 Photometric Modeling for Mixed Reality
9 The Ray-Based Approach to Augmented Spatial Communication and Mixed Reality
10 Building a Virtual World from the Real World

Part…¡ Multi-Sensory Augmentation

11 Auditory Distance Perception in Real, Virtual, and Mixed Environments
12 Feel-through: Augmented Reality with Force Feedback
13 Tangible Bits: Coupling Physicality and Virtuality Through Tangible User Interfaces

Part…¢ Communication and Collaboration

14 Augmented Telexistence
15 Collaborative Mixed Reality
16 Virtual Reality technologies for Multimedia Communications

Part…£ Systems: Design Considerations and Future Trends

17 Operator Localization of Virtual Objects
18 Augmented Reality: A Balancing Act Between High Quality and Real-Time Constraints
19 MR Aided Engineering: Inspection Support Systems Integrating Virtual Instruments and Process Control
20 Wearing It Out: First Steps Toward Mobile Augmented Reality Systems
21 The Challenge of Making Augmented Reality Work OUtdoors
22 An Outdoor Augmented Reality System for GIS Applications




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