Ritsumeikan Univ.
College of Information Science and Engineering
Physical Computing Course

[section]about Collaboration with MC Lab.

We collaborate with Shibata Lab. (Department of Information & Communication Science - MobileComputing Lab.) When you want to get information about MC Lab, you will see from following link.

MobileComputing Lab.
go to Site of Shibata Lab.

[section]about MR-PreViz Project

In this project, we are making MR-PreViz films that are composit images of CG and real background such as open-set and location site. (PreViz : this is a method for previsualizing scenario by CG instead of storyboard has already developed.) When you want to see details, you will see from following link.

go to Site of MR-PreViz Project


[section]about Our Research

What's Reality Media?

We named it means and methods (media) for communication which appeal alluringly with rich emotion by form don't have sense of discomfort. Our aim is research and development of media technology it is possible to communication in real-world, real-time and high-reality in time flood of information brim over from cyberspace for breakthrough of IT. Concretely speaking, we deal with knowing about "Mixed Rearity (MR)" that merges real and virtual worlds in real-time and "Tangible Ineterface" that use sense of force and touch.