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[section]Themes of Research

Mobile Mixed Reality System

 In our group "Gr.1", we have been developing framework which is applicable to various portable equipment for mobile MR systems. Our framework can absorb differences of performance and functional capability of equipments and provide independence from applications. We designed the framework as a server-client architecture and implement some mobile MR systems for validating and improving the framework. Also, as one of registration methods, we propounded semi-fiducial invisibly coded symbols (SFINCS) that are able to achieve a good balance between elegance with regard to the environment and robust registration. Additionally, as a registration method for mobile devices in mixed reality, we have developed the geometric registration mechanism based on client server model.

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Basic research for achieving Mixed Reality (MR) and entrenched of Diminished Reality (DR)

 Gr.2 conducts research on fundamental and advanced technologies of mixed reality (MR) from various points of view. Concrete subjects are shown below: MR-PreViz, which supports filmmaking process using MR technologies and its advanced version, S3D MR-PreViz, which supports stereoscopic 3D filmmaking, monocular/stereo camera registration method, photometric consistency in MR space, diminished reality, which visually diminish, replace, and see-through objects, and gestural user interface developing tool.

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Establishment and Human Interface of Wide-view Electronic Working Space

 In our group "Gr.3", we study the future user interface being free from the traditional displays and graphical user interfaces (GUI). You will see the scene of the actor using a future computer by gesturing in the movie of "Minority Report" and "Ironman". "WATARI system" enables users to interact with virtual objects projected on wall-screen and tabletop-screen, through the such gestures. We have developed casual tool resembling input devices named as "ToolDevice" for supposing to be widely used in mixed reality space. We also have been studying the relation between visual percsption and haptic perception through use of MR technologies including how we feel when touching a real object while seeing virtual object is superimposed onto it.

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Constructing the advanced Mixed Reality space using audio-visual senses

 Traditional research of the MR (Mixed Reality) was focused on the merge of the visual. Therefore, our group studies about MR system which merged the real and virtual worlds in both the audio and visual senses. Specifically, we have researched "acoustic planetarium", the new 3-dimensional sound field reproduction technique. This technique enable several people experience auditory MR in free position at once by using parametric loudspeakers instead of headphone. In addition, we are researching "Implementation of moving sound source" and "Sound Visualization" in the MR system. By realizing these researches, we aim to construct the advanced MR system which integrated both the audio and visual senses.

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